by Top Lee
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TGS high school students brought out their tuxedos and dresses for a night of fun Saturday April 26 at the Prince George Parish Hall.  Organized by the juniors as a gift to the seniors, Prom 2014 was a great success!  Close to 25 students and faculty members joined in on the party, just enough people to fit perfectly into the decorated hall. The prom theme was Glitz and Glamor: Las Vegas, and everything was styled appropriately.  Balloons and lights filled the room, weaving around the cut outs of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.  One corner of the room was even a dedicated photo booth, complete with props such as mustaches, wigs, glasses, fake noses that made for memorable photos.

There was no shortage of food for the ravenous teenagers: they feasted on cookies and chicken nuggets, and dipped other goodies in the delicious chocolate fountain.  The dancing and the partying were interrupted briefly to announce Prom King and Queen: Dr. Razzi and his prom date Melissa Bigner!  It took some prodding and poking, but in the end Dr. Razzi accepted the title and led the slow dance with Melissa. “I never went to prom at my own high school,” Melissa said, “I guess I was just waiting for the right man.”  All Dr. Razzi would say was, “Prom was good, there was food.”  Overall, Prom 2014 was a great success–everyone had tons of fun.  Special thanks go the Exums and the Cyrs for their hard work and to Prince George, Winyah, for allowing us to use their wonderful venue.