DSC_0168 (1)DSC_0207DSC_0187Friday evening May 9, the drama classes presented “An Evening of Fun with Shakespeare” under the direction of drama coach Judith Gates.  The Prince George Auditorium was packed with family and friends as the curtain went up and Shakespeare himself welcomed the crowd.  The actors presented Acts I-IV as a series of comic vignettes.  After intermission, the tone turned tragic as Act V was played in its entirety.  Finally, Shakespeare reappeared to give his opinion of their performance and the curtain came down.

“I was nervous but it was fun,” says Elizabeth Exum, who played the role of Prince Escalas. She added, “I was so quiet before I got into my costume, then I was able to get LOUD!”  Lizzy Culliton (Capulet) said, “Being on stage was nerve-wracking at first, but then everything came naturally.”   Mrs. Gates has been emphasizing the importance of commitment to the ensemble all year.  “The greatest joy for me was to see the kids fulfill their commitment to each other,” she says, “It wasn’t always easy but they have learned a truly valuable lesson.”

Thank you, “Momma” Gates for a great year!  We know how hard you worked and everything turned out fabulous.  Almost everyone in the whole school participated in the drama program and began to understand the challenges and joys of theater.  Special thanks go to Senora Yorky and Mrs. Anna Skerman for their support in costuming and blocking and to Prince George, Winyah, for loaning us the Bourne Building stage.  Just remember, all the world’s a stage!