photo 1 (5)How can a student relax and celebrate the end of the fantastic first year of The Georgetown School?  On Friday May 23, students and faculty drove out to Black River for an afternoon and evening of fun on the water at the lovely waterfront home of Mrs. Lane Crosby.  After a brief period of awe and exploration, the excited students jumped into various water sports: swimming, sliding, kayaking, wake-boarding, knee-boarding.  Some people were content to relax in rocking chairs on the beautiful gazebo.  Others spent hours on the boat with Dr. Tom Crosby going up and down Black River.  Still others swam around the dock and slid down the slide.  Everyone made a Kingfisher tie-dye tee shirt.

By the time 6:00 rolled around, Mr. Razzi and Drew Crosby had the grills going on the photo 2 (7)deck, preparing hot dogs and hamburgers for the hungry and wet kids.  When 7:00 came, everyone thanked the Crosby’s and packed back into the cars, tired and happy.  It was a great day and we appreciate the generosity and hospitality of the Crosby family so much.