photoFamily, friends and faculty gathered Friday evening of May 30 in the Es’Dorn Room to honor the first two graduates of The Georgetown School, Chris Elliott and Chandler Lee.  Mrs. Joyce Gates, president of the Board of Directors, welcomed everyone and gave the floor to our salutatorian and our valedictorian.

Chandler addressed his fellow students with kind and humorous words, telling them, “You have given me many memories I will hold onto for the rest of my life.”  He then gave advice to the Committee of Stuff, Coding Class, the soccer team, Spanish Class, the Middle School, math classes and the rising seniors.  Chandler said in closing, “I wish I were with you longer.”

Chris spoke of his decision to transfer to TGS in his final year of high school.  Some people told him, “Wow, that’s risky,” and “It’s crazy to switch in your senior year.”  But he knew the new school (which was no more than an idea at the time) was the place he wanted to be.  He expressed pride in everyone and in the progress that his fellow students made this year.  Chris closed with heartfelt thanks to his teachers, saying, “I’ve spent countless hours with you and learned so much from all of you.”

Dr. Gary Gates addressed the assembly on the subject of our school’s motto: Non nobis solum nati sumus (Cicero).  It means “we are not born for ourselves alone.” He quoted Pericles: “We do only kindness to others, not because we stop to calculate whether this will be to our advantage, but in the spirit of liberality, which motivates us.”  This kindness is related to the ideal of service and the true definition of a gentleman.  Dr. Gates said that Chris and Chandler conducted themselves in a very gentlemanly way this year: “You were out in the heat of August, before we had even secured a school building, making sure we’d have a soccer team…And when we got students, you made sure they became a student body—trucking them around, setting up movie nights, ginning up school spirit from thin air.”  These selfless acts bind Chris and Chandler strongly to our community.

Mrs. Joyce Gates and Dr. Gates handed Chris and Chandler their diplomas together, then there was thunderous applause and great joy.

Rags Coxe, deacon of Prince George, Winyah, closed the ceremony with a prayer for the school and the graduates, then the music came up.  They were congratulated by family and friends at a lovely reception in the hall, the perfect and relaxing end to a banner day at The Georgetown School.

Thank you for coming out, family, friends and supporters.  This year would not have been possible without you.  Thank you, P.T.O., for putting on the reception, and thank you, Mr. Coxe, for blessing our assembly with beautiful and considered prayers.