IMG_7650 IMG_7612 On Friday, September 5, Dr. Neubauer’s Biology and Environmental Science classes took a field trip to Hobcaw.  The purpose of the trip was to participate in Hobcaw’s transient fish survey.  Dr. Paul Kenny is studying climate change and changes in the fish population in North Inlet. The sky was a mix of sun and clouds as students began mucking around in a side creek of North Inlet, helping to pull the seine and gather as many fish as they could from the estuary.   “Jump in the mud?  Who doesn’t want to do that!” said Maston, plunging into the pluff. After getting totally soaked and muddy and narrowly escaping a downpour, students returned to the laboratory to sort and count the fish on large trays.  Species included pin fish, mojarra, ladyfish, white shrimp, striped mullet and white mullet.  The day ended with lunch and rehydration on the porch of Visitor’s Center.  We would like to thank our guides Melissa Heintz and Paul Kenny, and Hobcaw for allowing us to help out with Dr. Kenny’s current study.  Thank also to Dr. Neubauer and Dr. Gates for arranging and chaperoning the trip.