DSC_0849The Winyah Auditorium was the scene of bustling activity the day before Thanksgiving, as citizens of Georgetown gathered to express their thankfulness through words, music and dance in a “Gathering of Gratitude.”  Thom Martin, music director of Georgetown Presbyterian Church and president of the Winyah Auditorium, brought together several different groups including our school, Helping Hands, Hispanic Outreach of Georgetown Presbyterian, and the Mitney Project for the program.  Thom passed the mic around, giving everyone the chance to share their gratitude (in English, Spanish, Hindi and Hebrew!).  The program included a dramatic reading by Sam and Dr. Gates, a cello solo by Nathan, flute solos, children’s songs led by Senora Yorky and two dance numbers with Shakeema helping.  The “Gathering of Gratitude” was an opportunity for citizens of Georgetown to come together and realize how blessed we are.DSC_0841 DSC_0854DSC_0843