IMG_5201All of Middle School enjoyed a quick field trip to the Dock Street Theater in Charleston on December 7 to see an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “Marley and Scrooge.”  They set out after first period with Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Bodie to have time to eat lunch in St. Philip’s cemetery before attending the play at 11:30.

Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Patrick have seen this production many times and they both declared that this show was the best ever.  The students were also very enthusiastic.  The character of Marley was the universal favorite: he got to fly about the stage on guy wires, flipping and swooping and shouting his lines in a very scary way.  Jesse said it reminded him of Betelgeuse, while Bronwen and Ryleigh said the flying looked like fun and that they would like to try it!

The kids identified some highlights of the show.  They loved the grave scene, where the Spirit of Christmas Future shows Scrooge his own death and Scrooge repents.  They also loved all the scenes with Marley and when the cast sang “Angels We Have Heard on High (Gloria)” at the end.  Many were intrigued by the differences between the actual play and the script which they read in class and everyone had a very good time. Thank you, Mrs. Crosby, for arranging this treat and thank you, Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Bodie for chaperoning.