To help biology students better understand the material they were being taught, Dr. Neubauer required them to create short videos about cellular respiration.  “They were… intriguing and made me question my existence,” Lochlyn laughed.
The students had three genres of films to pick from: western, sci-fi, and horror. After being divided into three groups, each group chose a genre. Savanna, Maston, and Douglas’ group filmed a horror video they called “The Basement.”  Meredith, Isabella, Trinity, and Sarah’s group created a western film. Avery Rose, Charles, Chris, and Hurley’s group put together what Hurley named a “Wi-Fi,” or a Western/Sci-Fi.
“They were very creative and each video was different,” Dr. Neubauer commented. The students used various resources, including the front lawn and the basement of their school building as settings for their videos. They also used many creative props, such as vindaloo curry, a screwdriver, and a mysterious bearded person.  Using all of these materials gave the students the opportunity show their creativity!

(by Isabella Neubauer)