Photo: Joe Skerman

The Kingfishers went on a joint art and science adventure to Morgan Park for Earth Day 2015. “Get your art materials together and go out and have fun!” Mrs. Patrick told the students. So, as soon as students arrived, they began to gather resources for their art projects by taking photographs and sketching things they saw.

Some students made funny videos in Morgan Park about the importance of not trashing nature. “Recording those videos was so funny,” said Top. (The entire school watched one video together, featuring a talking raccoon, parakeet, shark and mole).  Next, students helped Dr. Neubauer clean up the park by gathering trash and recyclables. “This is so awesome,” said Dr. Neubauer, watching Meredith, Sarah E., Sarah G., and Lochlyn experiment with oil pastels. The happy group returned to TGS around noon after an enjoyable Earth Day morning.