WP_20150522_023   WP_20150522_008Thanks to the gracious hospitality of Dr. Tom and Mrs. Lane Crosby, we once again spent the afternoon out on Black River, relaxing after 6th and 5th period exams in the morning on May 22. Students quickly packed their snacks, life vests and towels into a long cortege of vehicles headed north on 701. We turned onto Brown’s Ferry Road and it wasn’t long before we arrived at the Crosby’s lovely home. The weather could not have been more perfect; students jumped right into kayaking, swimming, dock-sitting, hammock-swinging, volleyball, badminton, and sliding. There were three motor boats (thank you, Tom and Joe Crosby and Rhonda and Tim Morris!) for kids who wanted to try tubing, knee-boarding, or wake-boarding.

All afternoon, students were on the move: they paused only to eat large quantities of chips,WP_20150522_038 cheese balls and watermelon, then started the next water or land sport. Faculty were more sedate. Dr. Gates paddled around on his back, Mrs. Patrick, Mme Gates and Senora Yorky took a long boat ride while Dr. Razzi and Mr. Patrick kept on their button-down shirts in the safety of the gazebo. Only Dr. Neubauer accepted the knee-board challenge! Amazingly, we still had room around 6:oo for freshly grilled hot-dogs, hamburgers and veggie-burgers with a side of fresh strawberries (thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Crosby and great job grilling, Dr. Razzi and Dr. Gates!).


The Crosby’s deck was a scene of utter destruction afterwards, but we managed to dole out all the open food to students to take home, put away the rest, and sort out everyone’s personal possessions (including a frantic last-minute search for Wilson the volleyball). Everyone thanked the Crosby’s for their amazing hospitality and all the careful planning that went in to making this such a great day, then made the journey back to the school parking lot. We Kingfishers were replete, tired and happy after our day together on Black River!