DSC_0477Proud parents, grandparents and friends, plus students in uniform who had just finished exams, gathered in the Es’Dorn Room, ready to celebrate the end of the year. Our second Awards Day got underway with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by student body president Sarah Exum. Next, Dr. Gates mentioned all the awards from SCISA (and other entities of which faculty were aware) that TGS students had garnered during 2014-2015.

Then Dr. Razzi present the school awards: Sports and Athletic Award–Savanna Morris, Service Award–Top Lee, Arts Award–Nathan Gates, Academic Award–Isabella Neubauer, and Kingfisher Award–Lochlyn Hejl. “Lochlyn actually doesn’t have to wear the kingfisher costume,” Dr. Razzi noted.

Mrs. Judy Sweitzer took a few moments to bid everyone farewell as she stepped down from her administrative position. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her as a volunteer.


Dr. Gates closed the ceremony by presenting all the students who received academic
honors this year (93 or above in every class or an overall average of 95).