On Halloween, the 8th, 9th, and 10th grades went to see the classic To Kill a Mockingbird onstage at the Dock Street Theater in Charleston. The theater was completely filled with students from different schools. Most people seemed excited to see this popular book performed onstage. The play showed older Scout was narrating the story and reflecting on her childhood. “I liked how they had a young actor play Scout and the way it was staged,” Jesse commented. Eli added, “It was fantastic, but the audience was disrespectful at some times. Like, the girl in front of my row was playing games and checking Instagram!” It was sad to see the number of students playing on their phones, which proved to be a distraction to others. Though not everyone liked it, overall the play was excellent, with wonderful actors who were able to portray the story very well. It was a fun trip, and we hope to return to the Dock Street Theater for future field trips!

By Naomi