cat and chris at dramaOn Wednesday, November 8, TGS took a school-wide field trip to The Sumter Opera House for the SCISA State Drama Festival after sweeping the regionals in October. Our hosts, Lyndi Bonnette of SCISA and the drama team from Wilson Hall, welcomed the three winning middle school and the three winning high school teams to the event.
Our middle school drama team presented Robyn Hood and Her Merry Women third in the morning line-up. We soon found out that Logan had received Honorable Mention in the middle school Best Actor contest.

dramaLunch was Chik-Fil-A, and everyone had fun running around in the lobby, the terrace, the sidewalk and the side area as the temperature outside began to drop precipitously. Nick built a sculpture with super glue.

Again, after lunch, the high school was third in the line-up with French Toast. We watched anxiously as Stoney, Nanette, and Nancy worked out their relations. When the curtain came down and the judges gave their judgement, Chris won Best Actor and Cathryn won Best Actress. The school rejoiced.

best actors 2017Our ride home was light-hearted and went by quickly, Chris’s cheek still smarting from where Naomi slapped him. “My shoe had a bigger role than I did,” joked Eli, who had thumped his show backstage for the sound effect of someone knocking at the door. We had a great time at the Drama Festival, and we would do it again, because Kingfishers are troupers!