DSC_0317On Tuesday, January 23, the high school went on a field trip to the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. They left the school in the morning to see William H. Miller’s art exhibit, “What You See is What You Get.” The exhibit examines an artist’s struggle between two art media: digital art and acrylic painting. Mr. Miller creates abstract art to communicate complex themes and his emotions. He wants to stir a viewer’s mind. Everyone sees something different in his art, Mr. Miller said, “and everyone’s interpretation is valid.” Miller wants to remix his notions of imagery and meaning. The pictures are bold, colorful and dynamic abstractions. However, they are not complete until the viewer forms their own opinion. DSC_0312Avery Rose was intrigued by the art, asking him lots of questions during the tour. He expressed how no matter the medium, art is art.

Following the tour, students made their way to the museum’s upstairs studio. There, each student made their own abstract art. As there was not enough time to use acrylics, the museum provided watercolors. DSC_0319Since Mr. Miller revealed that he often uses words to begin a painting, students were encouraged to write something on their page and paint over it. While the students painted, Mr. Miller asked everyone to draw a shape or line on his phone – he will use them to create his next piece. When everyone had created their own artwork, students thanked the museum and Mr. Miller before piling back into the cars for the return trip. We thank Mr. Miller for sharing his art and wisdom with us, and hope we are able to return to see other wonderful exhibits at the art museum!

By Cathryn and Isabella