IMG_8447On January 23rd, 2018, the middle school traveled to Charleston to see a performance of The Giver at the Dock Street Theater. All of the students already had experience with the book either from previous or current English classes. “I love for students to see stuff onstage,” said Mrs. Crosby. “A lot of times when you just read a play in a book it’s not the same. I just love for them to get the exposure.” The students, three teachers, and three parents all stuffed into six cars and headed to Charleston in the morning. Before attending the hour-long play, they ate lunch at Waterfront Park, where some students had fun feeding seagulls. The play featured a dystopian future, emphasizing the importance of individuality in a IMG_8456[959]bland and repetitive world. “The cast was very small, but they did a great job,” said Mrs. Morgan. After returning to Georgetown, they ate ice cream and chilled out after an eventful and long day. We always love seeing plays at the Dock Street Theater, and hope we are able to see another there soon!

By Doug