DSC_0580As the end of the third quarter approaches, so does the science fair. Students scrambled to set up their boards and rehearse their presentations one final time before the bell rang on the morning of Tuesday, March 6. Judges Jennifer Plunkett, Frank Johnson, and Stephen Thompson traveled from across Horry and Georgetown counties to view the science fair presentations of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th grades.

Two long, nerve-wracking hours of deliberation later, Dr. Neubauer gathered the school in the Big Room to announce the results. This year, she revealed, the judges decided to award each grade separately. DSC_0583In the 5th grade, Corrin, J’Marion, Trevon, and Blake received an Honorable Mention, while Hayden won first prize. Logan and Camper tied for first in the 6th grade. Isaac won for the 7th grade, while both Ella and Taylor received Honorable Mentions. DSC_0577“It was fun to learn,” Taylor said, laughing, “and not stressful at all!” Finally, Naomi and Johnathon tied for first place in the 9th grade.

“The fair was smaller this year,” said Dr. Neubauer, “but we had a lot of high-quality projects.” Most of the TGS contestants are gearing up to compete in the Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair in Charleston next month. “The kids are really looking forward to it,” Dr. Neubauer said. We wish them luck!

By Isabella