Spirit Week is a tradition that is gaining traction with the energy and dedication of the Class of 2020.  Juniors decide on a dress-up theme for each day of the week and kids use their imagination and talent to come up with different outfits. 

Monday this year was Many people dressed up on Monday, which was Meme/Vine Day. We spotted the Wal-Mart Yodeling Kid (Cathryn) and Stop You Made Me Drop My Croissant (Margaret) but you had to be in the know to recognize most of the jokes.  Tuesday was Tacky Day.  From mismatched socks and shoes to old tee shirts to plaid shorts and shirts, Kingfishers really got into looking tacky.  There were even pink-flesh-colored patterned tights and a high pony-tail built on a cup.  Camper raided her grandmother’s closet for a colorful blouse while Ethan raided his dad’s dresser drawer for a wrinkly rayon Hawaiian shirt.  “I think it came from Wal-Mart,” he said.  Pajama Day is a perennial favorite and it fell on Wednesday this year.  Students headed to their morning classes dressed more colorfully than usual, scuffing along in their bedroom shoes, clutching teddy bears and coffee mugs.  Thursday’s theme (Dress Up for Valentine’s) caused some controversy.  Apparently, Kingfishers are ambivalent about the idea of wearing skirts and ties. But lots of people did dress up and lots more wore red or pink in honor of the day.  Jesse looked especially debonair in his vest, tie, and fedora. 

Spirit Day on Friday turned the school into an array of kids and teachers in blue, gray, and maroon tee-shirts with giant kingfishers on the back.  Thanks to the first years for organizing such a fun week.