Grades 8-12 enjoyed a field trip to Charleston last Wednesday.  In the morning, students toured the American College of Building Arts, where they reunited with former TGS professor Dr Razzi, who is now the Chief Academic Officer at ACBA.  He showed students around the college, including various workshops and a library of rare books.  One of the workshops featured America’s only six-sided iron forge, and another contained a second floor made entirely of wood, with no nails holding it in place.  “We do everything the way it would have been done when Charleston was founded,”  Dr Razzi explained to the group.  “We make it by hand.”

After their tour, students hurried to the Dock Street Theater, where they watched a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  The play featured an autistic teenager who discovers secrets about his father and runs away to find his mother, whom he had believed to be dead.  It was written by Simon Stephens based on a novel by Mark Haddon, and was performed by the Dock Street Players.  Students and teachers praised the set design, the lighting, and the acting of the lead character.  “The way they used the flashing lights really gave the audience insight into what it’s like to be autistic,”  Dr Neubauer said.  “It was just really good.”

By Ryleigh