Dr. Neubauer’s determination to take our students on a real field trip paid off on October 20.  Kids from fifth to seventh grades had the opportunity to go for a ride on SC-DNR’s educational vessel Discovery.  As in years past, they got to observe wildlife and birds along the Waccamaw River and they also got to examine and measure all the fish the staff pulled up in the net.  

When the good ship Discovery dropped the Kingfishers back off at Land’s End, everyone walked downtown to the S. C. Maritime Museum for lunch and a visit to their Water/Ways exhibit.  This traveling presentation “explores the centrality of water in our lives, including its practical role in agriculture and economic planning, and its impact on culture and spirituality.”  The exhibit is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute in collaboration with state humanities councils.

By the time the kids had walked back to school just before sixth period, they were pretty tired.  “I can’t believe we have to go back to class,” said one.  “We walked five miles!”

Thank you, Dr. Neubauer and Ms. Grippo, for figuring out the logistical challenge of taking our kids off campus and keeping them safe and socially distanced at the same time. We are always happy to be on the water and walking the streets of Georgetown.