On a warm and sunny March afternoon, Kingfishers welcomed spring by having a Craziest Golf Outfit contest. The event was organized by the Kingfisher Crew (led by Ms. Sandy, Ms. Mahi, and Ms. Sheila) and was designed to publicize our Crazy Legs Golf Tournament among parents and students.  Students wore their most hilarious golf outfits to school and got out of class early for the celebration.

Many people had personalized their outfits in unforgettable ways—Gracin with flowered leggings, Mason with a green skirt, Bryan with a enormous pants, Evan with s Solo cup, Dr. Gates with knickers, Jackson D. with some sort of tam o’shanter.  Middle School really got into dressing up.

Kingfishers burst out of class to the front lawn at 2:30 and saw tables set up with chips and drinks and bubbles for them to enjoy, plus prizes for the winners in the categories of Cheesiest (a package of Velveeta), Hammiest (a canned ham) and Craziest Overall (a large plastic bottle full of coins).  After a short parade of contestants, the winners turned out to be Evan (Cheesiest), Gracin (Hammiest), and Nathan (Craziest).

Not only did the winners get something out of this, but so did the spectators. Families who attended learned more about the golf tournament and signed up as volunteers.  Students got a good snack and a fun contest.  Kingfishers really enjoyed the afternoon antics.

                                                                                                By Emily P.