With the world on pause, it’s been hard for everyone to do exciting activities and events. However, the pandemic has not stopped us from showing our artistic abilities. TGS art students participated in the Horry-Georgetown County High School 21st Annual Juried Exhibition, keeping up with a tradition Mrs. Patrick started in 2013.  High school students who entered had a chance to have their artwork chosen for the prestigious show.

This year, ninth-grader Sagel Springs got in with an amazing painting entitled “Transition.”  The work began as an art assignment which asked students to create a self-portrait with acrylic paint.  Sagel knew that was the one to be submitted to the art show as soon as it was finished. 

“This piece is about the huge changes I’ve made in daily life to find myself.” Sagel says. “Honestly, this portrait means a lot to me not just as an artist but as a person.”

The exhibition will be on display at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum and online from April 13-May 22.  Artist and educator Yvette L. Cummings will judge all the entries. Cummings received her MFA at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning. She is currently teaching at Coastal Carolina University.  The date for the awards ceremony has not yet been announced.

“Getting into the exhibition felt good,” Sagel says. “This is the first art show I’ve not been rejected from.”  At TGS, we are proud to have students who can freely express themselves. Congratulations to Sagel and Mrs. Patrick!

                                                                                                By Sage