“We’re going on a walk tomorrow, so bring extra water,” Mrs. Crosby announced to the student body on April 23. At lunch the following day (a Wonderful Wednesday), we set out for Bernard Baruch Park. The students walked the walk and talked the talk, spilling out along the sidewalks towards Church Street. Dr. Neubauer reminded the high-schoolers to keep their conversations PG. “There are small children,” she told us. Church Street is the same as Highway 17 and we had to cross it to get to the park. Our crossing (like a giant amoeba) would be called chaotic by anyone who witnessed the spectacle. Luckily, no one was run over and we eventually made it to the park.

The park was sunny and completely empty. The picnic tables were wiped down, the swings were swarmed, the basketball courts were immediately occupied. We ate, swung, and shot baskets until it was time to go back. Thank you, Mrs. Crosby and Dr. Neubauer, for arranging this outing!

By Emily