Today TGS welcomed the second Open Forum speaker of the year. Sophie Ricker, our new sailing coach, came to introduce herself and the program. She spoke about sailing and the importance of following your passion.

Sophie was young when she first learned to sail (her grandfather made her learn but she wasn’t that into the sport). Once she was at college, though, she signed up for the sailing team at the school’s Activities Fair, again on the advice of her grandfather. At first she didn’t sail much because she was an alternate, but when a team mate got a concussion at Nationals, she began to compete.

It was during her competitive college sailing that Sophie had a “click” moment. She became extremely competitive and won three races. “I was always told to be a piranha, not a goldfish,” she said. “But I became too much of a piranha and became a shark!”

After her success, Sophie decided to take on the job of president of her sailing club. She immediately faced challenges: the team moved up to varsity level and people were quitting. Other people tried to tell her she wasn’t qualified to lead the club and she was starting to doubt herself. Then a friend stepped in. “Don’t worry about who is better qualified,” the friend said. “If you want to do something, just do it.” This is good advice for all of us.

Sophie is helping her parents by managing their donut shop Parlor Donuts at Pawleys Island. She promised to bring some donuts to sailing practice!. Thank you, Sophie! It’s great to have you become part of our school life and community,

By Annika