After more than a year of wearing masks and fighting COVID, TGS was finally able to celebrate River Day.  We all missed this annual tradition, but the social distancing and hygiene protocols we had to endure just made our hearts grow fonder.  When we were finally able to come together out on the Black River, it was the most fun we have had in almost two long years.  “River Day was the best way to kick off the year!” said Saylor. “It was a great way to get to know everyone.”

Even though the rain held off, the South Carolina heat was in full force out at Mrs. Crosby’s house.  Students immdiately donned their swimsuits and jumped into the river.  Some were paddling around in kayaks, others were behind the two motorboats trying out tubing and kneeboarding.  Tubing was a hit with Morgan: “I got to watch people fall off the tube!” he said. Dr. Gates splashed around, swamping kayaks.  Boys had an artistic jumping session off the dock.

Lots of kids enjoyed the paddle board (perhaps not as it was intended!).  The Crosbys’ two Labradors joined in the fun, fetching balls and going for rides in the kayaks.  Several students tried their hand at creating multi-layer water balloons—one student managed to make one with three layers.  Then they promptly threw them at people.

Dr. Simmons, Dr. Gates, and Nico cooked up burgers and hot dogs on the grill for everyone.  Parents had sent delicious sides, such as delicious baked beans and brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.  Luke especially like the chili: “It was fantastic,” he said. Everyone was hungry and tired, but after resting a little and eating together, many people went back out on the water.  All too soon, parents arrived to take their tired children home.

TGS give a huge thank you to the Crosby family, the Edwards family, and the Anderson family for all they did to make River Day 2021 a big success.  River Day is once again when we swim, paddle, and eat together, creating the bonds that hold us together as Kingfishers at school and beyond.  As the world is slowly creeping back, happily TGS is pushing faster than the rest!

By Ethan, Annika, and Saylor