The Wooden Boat Show is back, and Kingfishers were there!  Almost every student had a role to play at the festival, which was held the weekend of October 16-17. We enjoyed it very much.

Ethan, Ethan, Isadora, and Bristol have served all the pilau out of three giant cauldrons.

High-schoolers volunteered to work at the WBS food tent, feeding pilau and hot-dogs to hungry visitors. They did a great job as always and made our school look good.

T. J. works on painting the oars.

Meanwhile, Mr. Patrick’s Physics class and Mrs. Crosby’s Robotics Team joined forces to enter the Corrugated Boat Challenge on Sunday afternoon.  They spent all week designing, building, and decorating the Kingfisher and the Egg of the Kingfisher with timely help from Dr. Neubauer, Mrs. Patrick, and Dr. Gates.  It was a great school effort!

Dr. Gates and Ethan carry the boat across Front Street to the river.

Our effort paid off: neither cardboard craft took on water during the race to the middle of the Sampit River!  Then the Egg won first place for Visionary Design! 

Nathan pilots the Egg back to the dock. The Egg got second place in the heat.

Many parents and families were there to witness the triumph. The WBS 2021 was a blast–let’s do it again next year!