Putting the drama drought of 2020 behind us, TGS hosted the SCISA Regional Drama Festival on November 18.  We were very happy to welcome our competitors, Cathedral Academy of Charleston, to the Winyah Auditorium. The SCISA Drama Festival challenges drama troupes all over S. C. to present short plays (no more than 30 minutes) with minimal props and scenery.

After Dr. Gates welcomed the crowd and introduced our four distinguished judges, TGS Middle School presented Perfect Timing. Brennan (Nathan Hopkins) learns a lesson about falsely accusing others, a lesson in the form of an involuntary audition for a school play dreamed up by his best friend Chris (Baryck Jackson).

Next up was CA’s Middle School with The Toy That Saved Christmas, adapted from Veggie Tales.  Buzzsaw Louie (Liam Stormer) is a popular children’s toy who rejects his manufacturer’s consumeristic message.  Louie and the children of Dinkletown learn the true meaning of Christmas from Grandpa George (Ryan Scogin), the town mailman.

Then CA’s High School presented Christmas with Little Women.  Amy (Taylor Leggette), Beth (Ariel Porter), Meg (Matti Riddick), and Jo (Emmy Hagen) keep each other’s spirits up during a difficult Christmas.  They comfort their mother Mrs. March (Faith Burgess), who has just received news that their father is sick. When Aunt March (Vivian Wade) pays them a visit, the family’s loving generosity inspires the miserly old relative with the spirit of Christmas.

Finally, TGS’s High School put on The Sandbox, an early work by Edward Albee.  In an ambiguous space that is alternatively beach, sandbox, stage, and coffin, Mommy (Kelsi Forrester) and Daddy (Ethan Anderson) bring Grandma (Sage Fairclough) to meet the Young Man (Isaac Shumard) who turns out to be the Angel of Death.

Here are the results of the competition:

Best HS play: The Sandbox                        Runner-up: Christmas with Little Women

Best MS play: The Toy That Saved Christmas    Runner-up: Perfect Timing

Best HS actor: Ethan Anderson (Daddy)

Honorable Mention: Boone Cooper (Laurie)

Best HS actress: Matti Riddick (Meg)

Honorable Mention: Kelsi Forrester (Mommy), Jordan Brenner (Musician), Vivian Wade (Aunt March), Sage Fairclough (Grandma)

Best MS Actor: Liam Stormer (Buzzsaw Louie)             

Honorable Mention: Nathan Hopkins (Brennan)

Thanks to everyone who helped make Drama Festival 2021 a great success, with a special note of appreciation to our judges (Ms. Lewis, Ms. Anderson, Mr. Jayroe, and Ms. Ebert) who gave of their time and expertise to judge us and give us advice about how to be better.