Spring is here and the high school decided to organize an egg hunt for the middle school, which took place April 19 during Open Forum and lunch. During third period, some high schoolers (Kelsi, Ella, Isaac, Annika, Emily, Morgan, and Bristol) hid most of the eggs outside, and hid the remainder in the downstairs hallway. There were several different-colored eggs, and they were color-coded. Most eggs contained candy, and there were even certain egg colors that were safe for kids with peanut allergies. The silver, golden, and bunny-shaped eggs had better prizes, like money, soda vouchers, and Hot Wheels cars. There was also a large clear egg containing a stuffed animal shaped like an ice cream cone.

After hiding all of the eggs, the high schoolers went into the Auditorium where the middle schoolers were waiting. They announced that the hunt was on. Everyone became very egg-cited when they found out what the prizes were. Baryck and Gracin tried to claim they were middle schoolers in hopes of being able to find the Hot Wheels. Students were then allowed to go upstairs to get their baskets, but some tried to search for the eggs before they were allowed to. After everyone got their baskets, the egg hunters stampeded down the stairs. “I was afraid the teachers would get trampled,” Mme Gates said. There was then a race to find all of the eggs hidden inside, before everyone headed outside. Students then began jumping and climbing up trees to try to get the eggs hidden in hard-to-reach places. It was pure pandemonium. After the hunt was finished, middle school students then got to enjoy and trade the things they found in their eggs. All in all, it was an egg-cellent event.

By Annika