WP_20140528_002Seniors Chris Elliott and Chandler Lee were welcomed as alumni at Vespers 2014 by faculty, former students and board members on Wednes-day, May 28, a lovely evening on the Sampit River in downtown Georgetown.  All the guests arrived at the South Carolina Maritime Museum around 7:00, greeted each other for awhile, then settled down to a delicious dinner of fried chicken, beans and macaroni and cheese.  Dr. Razzi had prepared five vanilla layer cakes with butter cream icing and jam for the festivities and they were delicious!

As the sun began to sink behind the steel mill, Dr. Gates began the ceremony, welcoming everyone and saying a few words about Chris and Chandler.  Mrs. Lewis and Dr. Razzi talked to and about the two graduates, looking forward and backward in time.  Then their turn came to speak.  Chris and Chandler thanked their teachers and expressed excitement about the future.  Stella Ford then gave them some advice for college.  Dr. Gates closed the program with a remembrance of Ellen Donkle whom we all miss very much.

Thank you, Mrs. Lawly and the Maritime Museum for arranging the great space.  Thank you, Hog Heaven, for the food and thank you, teachers, for the decorations.  Thank you too, Chris and Chandler!  You are the very first graduates of The Georgetown School and it took faith and courage for you to join its Class of 2014.  Congratulations and best of luck to you both!