On Tuesday, November 14, TGS traveled to Sumter to compete in the SCISA State Chess Competition. Avery Rose, Avi, Chris, Sydni, and Eli each played 5 games of chess, switching pools as the day progressed. The chess team is very proud of their performance, ultimately placing 15th out of 20 teams. “We did really well!” Sydni said. “I got a five-move checkmate!” Avi exclaimed. “I still can’t believe Chris got a three-move checkmate on someone, though.” Sydni played so well, she was able to sit on stage with the top players for a time, while Avery Rose managed to play in checkmate for quite some time without anyone noticing. Though we lost more games than we won, the Kingfishers thoroughly enjoyed their time at the chess competition and have high hopes for next year.

By Isabella