Thanksgiving 3TGS gathered in the hallway to celebrate its fifth annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 21, the last school day before Thanksgiving break. Students brought their contributions to our feast before school, filling the Spanish room with all sorts of food. Yorky added a delicious, startlingly green key lime cake to the juniors’ and seniors’ heaping pile of desserts. With the absence of Dr. Razzi, Dr. Gates provided the turkeys. “There were turkeys thawing all over the place!” Madame said.

Setup began after second period with the high school scrambling to find tables while the middle school helped Mrs. Patrick make paper leaves for table decorations. Only after searching all over the school (there was a table on the balcony!) and raiding the art room were Thanksgiving 2there enough seats for everyone. When we sat down, we discovered that one of the pews was broken, which lead to an experimental engineering solution. The Spanish room was then temporarily converted into a food station, with desserts along one wall, sides along another, and Dr. Gates serving turkey by the door.

thanksgiving-1.jpgStudents and teachers carried plates piled high with delicious Thanksgiving foods. As we ate, we discussed the possible outcomes of a hypothetical TGS knife fight to the death, a topic introduced during British Literature earlier in the day. No conclusions were reached. When we had eaten our fill, we quickly cleaned the hallway. The disassembly wasn’t without mishaps, though: the large pot of corn fell off its perch, kernels spraying all over the floor. Arms filled with leftovers, TGS left school for what would be a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

By Isabella