WP_20171208_08_28_24_Pro‘Tis the season! With the holidays rapidly approaching, TGS students joined in the festivities this week. To prepare for the season, the Environmental Science students decorated the hall. They assembled the Christmas tree, hung ornaments and lights, and set up speakers to ensure TGS was as festive as possible.

On Friday, December 8, the students rushed to the balcony steps as soon as lunch began for the fifth annual TGS Secret Santa. Now, at TGS, we do Secret Santa a little differently: a student does a silly dance in front of the Christmas tree before opening their present and then presenting their gift for the next student. Our gift exchange began with the middle school. The most common gift was candy, which was sure to give the kids a sugar high for their afternoon classes. When the high school took their turn, the exchange became slightly more confusing. The chain of gift-giving was interrupted several timesWP_20171208_12_27_49_Pro, but that didn’t stop them. By far, blankets stole the show. “I started a trend!” Brynn crowed triumphantly, holding her new penguin blanket in the air. Other notable gifts include Margaret’s pun-filled present and Doug and Grayson’s My Little Pony figurines. This year’s Secret Santa was a resounding success. Happy Holidays, TGS!

By Isabella