We did not have a scheduled speaker today, but Dr. Gates took the podium for some announcements and to present two awards.  Our school had two winners in the Georgetown County Soil and Water Conservation essay contest.  Hannah took second prize and received a check for $25.  Nathan was first and got a check for $50.  “We are very proud of Hannah and Nathan today,” said Dr. Gates.  He went on to encourage students to get all their missing work in before exams.  “The end of school will be here before we know it,” he said.

Dr. Gates ended Open Forum with a surprise announcement—starting the next day, he would no longer be downstairs taking students’ temperatures on the way into school.  Students immediately applauded but some had mixed emotions about the development.  “I feel like he cut us off cold turkey,” said Isaac. Others, like Annika, were excited.  The shift definitely marks the end of an era.

by Emily