On Wednesday, May 5, we had our first Open Forum of the year. Our guest was Isabella Neubauer, a graduate of our school. She has been a student at Washington University in St. Louis for 3 years. Before orientation her first year, she signed up for Freshman Press, a Journalism group that covers freshman events on campus.

“That was when I knew I wanted to do journalism,” Isabella said. She started out writing in the Featured and Art and Entertainment sections of the school newspaper Student Life (also known as “Stud Life”). The next year, she switched to being a copy editor, reviewing and correcting mistakes in other writers’ articles. She also continued writing for the Art and Entertainment section. 

Isabella, Ethan, and Naomi have a joyful reunion.

When the pandemic hit, it became hard to make newspapers since no one was on campus to read them. The staff soon switched to digital. Isabella is now a managing editor of the online version of Student Life.  She gets to choose topics for articles and runs a staff of 50 students.

Isabella’s visit helped us understand college more and it was great to see how much she enjoys her major. Thank you, Isabella, for educating and inspiring our students.

by Sage